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Re: Instant Track 1.50 default sat track

   > I would like to change (like delete Mir and add a LU) the order and/or
   > replace some of these birds. I could manually edit the database, but that
   > seems like a lot of work. Is there an easier way?
   > I forgot how much I liked this program. Even with all the "fancy" Win98
   > based programs out there, I still am very fond of Instant Track and it seems
   > to run just fine in a dos window of Win98SE. (It is a processor hog).

To rearrange the list, you need to use the ITSORT utility.
It gives pretty complete intructions when you run it.  I originally
got it from AMSAT on a 5 1/4" floppy, but I think it's on the web site
now, and it may have come with IT 1.5.  

I'm very pleased with IT, also.  That and Kermit were the first PC
programs I used, and I'm still using them both.

73, doug
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