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Re: Microwave IF's for working AO-40 (was: Link budgets??)

"Edward R. Cole" (AL7EB) wrote:

> I have the DEM new version 1296/144 xvtr and it is not dual-freq for
> 1269.  DEM will be making a 1269/144 Tx convertor for P3D [no Rx].
> It remains to be seen if a second 1269 LO will be made for the "new"
> 1296 xvtr.

Hmmm, obviously I got that one wrong.  I could have sworn I saw
something from Down East about a dual sub-band (1269/1296) model
but I sure can't find it now!  Either it was on their web site for
a short time and corrected, or I hallucinated the whole thing.  But
thanks for setting the record straight.

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