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going portable

how many of you who are working the fm birds have ever worked them portable
from another grid, and that grid is not a real common grid. well if you have
been on the sats for very long you know its is really hard to get thru to a
station that is working from a not so common grid. I like the way that Leo
W7JPI asked for the others to stand by for a short time so Bruce KK5DO could
work those who needed that grid on UO-14. it is a lot of work for one to go
and activate a grid portable as I did em07, em16, em18 and plane to do em05,
em06 during my x-mas break.
the least that we can do is let up on the key long enough so that the
portable station can qsl a call that was made to him/her. as you know if you
cant qsl that other station you cant count it as a contact. just remember
that the portable station may be the one that you need to finish your WAS or

Greg Wycoff
NØZHE EM17ej Ks.

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