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Re: PSK1 Configuration and Windows

Hello Claudio!

25 Nov 00 05:44, you wrote to Amsat Reflector:

 CM> I really wish people would start to make software for DOS or linux and
 CM> stopped using that dumb Win98 & Co.

Well, it's a case of coding for what people have.  In my case, Windows programs
have a use.  DOS is practically useless for me, as I don't have an environment
which allows DOS apps to run in their full glory (try running a lot of DOS apps
under NT!).

For me, Windows or Linux are the useful platforms.  DOS is pretty much dead,
except for booting in emergency situations. :)

 CM> As a ham radio operator many of us have little computing resources,
 CM> normally outdated machines, with less processing power. Consequently I
 CM> do _not_ understand what sense it makes to use an OS that keeps
 CM> requiring more and more powerfull computers for each new version that
 CM> comes out!

Depends on the ham.  :-)  Computing power isn't a big issue for me, got
multiple PCs on a LAN. :)

 CM> Oh please don't say to me that it's user friendly, blablabla etc...
 CM> The ease of use and ease of software development in the open source OS
 CM> is far far superior.

No need to sell Linux to me, I've been using it for years, and love it, but a
lot of things (sadly) still need Windows, so I run that as well.

Tony, VK3JED

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