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Re: AO-40

Hello Matt!

25 Nov 00 00:56, you wrote to All:

 MD> Is it possible to receive AO-40 beacon's etc with a SSB/CW rig ?

You need SSB to receive the telemetry correctly.

 MD> What other birds can be 'heard' using a SSB/CW rig ?

Quite a few!  Check out www.amsat.org, but for voice, try RS-13, FO-20, FO-29,
AO-10, RS-15.  Also a couple, such as UO-11, which are orbiting beacons.

 MD> Coming from a purely FM operator (3 Kenwood Rigs & 1 Alinco)

I run mostly FM, but want to go to L/S on AO-40 :)

Tony, VK3JED

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