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QT 5.01 binaries available soon

Thanks to t5z4@aol.com (I misplaced your email,
apologies!) and Keith Pugh,  I isolated some 
completely stupid bugs on my part in QT 5.0.
I have uploaded the executables, qt.exe and
qtncp.exe in qt501.zip to ftp.amsat.org.  As
soon as Paul can move them, you should be
able to download them.   You will need to have
QT5.0 already for these executables to work
because of all the data files and maps not
included with this zip file.c.   The worst bugs
were not the ones pointed out but the ones
the pointing out led me to find!   There were
several places where I was manipulating the
new date strings in the OLD size data array.
We have been lucky it worked so far.  This
was directly responsible for the satellites
not moving in  the Multiple satellite map
format.  I absolutely despise that function. It
is repugnant to its author.  So about the only
testing I did on it was to make sure it ran
once through the satellites and agreed with
the other functions in the AOS/LOS and
AZ/El predictions.  The other "bugs", were
in my fixes to the Y2K problem that led to
cosmetic only problems with the date.  In
the places where you are asked to modify
the date, in the date line above, it would
display as the year 3900.   The program
internally used Julian date, but where it has
to interact with the clock, and you read
time and convert it, you can get into trouble
with the now 11 year old Microsoft C 6.0A
compilers.  This is now all fixed I believe.

Good Luck!  I will leave it to the folks in
charge how long these programs remain
available on the ftp site.

Bob N4HY

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