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Re: 2.4ghz helix

>From: Bob W7LRD <w7lrd@juno.com>
>With a Drake converter at the antenna with 60 feet of LMR-400 to the
>shack, what would be the  helix size want to be for  3D.  I will be
>building one soon.
If you are using the Drake without a preamp [its noise figure is ~5 to 7
dB], then I would consider making a 20 dBi gain antenna to be safe.
However, my freind WL7BQM has a small dish (30 inch?) and heard the S1 and
S2 beacons fine with his Drake.  The LMR-400 is fine for the IF output
whether it is set up for 144 or 432.

This month's Amsat Journal has a fine article on making L/S Helix antennas
for P3D.  The author recommends making a 28 turn helix for 2400.  Joel,
K2SAT listed the parameters for making a 1269 helix just a few days ago on
amsat-bb.  Other references are "the Satellite Experimenters Handbook",
"Mode-S, the book", and "A 16 Turn S-band Helix" by G3RUH {ftp.amsat.org}.


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