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Re: Link budgets??


That is the real quandry, what band to use for an IF.  If you use mode US,
then 2400/144 is logical.  If you use mode LS and convert 1269/144, you
need 2400/432.  That's my situation.

Further if you are considering mode UX or LX the same question comes up for
the 10,451 convertor: 144 or 432?

For S-band, my solution was getting two surplus Drake LNB's and converting
one to 432 and the other to 144.  They were cheap; cost $33/each [but
probably not available now].  For X-band I haven't decided and may wait to
see what the prevailing mode will be.  Most commercial X-band convertors
will be using 144.

Kuhne Electronic is the only X-band P3D convertor available, now [thru SSB


>From: Jerry Pixton <jpixton@shentel.net>
>Thanks for all the pointers on Link Budgets. I am crunching the numbers and
>looking at options. Will summarize when I reach some conclusions.
>Any thoughts on S Band Converter output frequency? Choices seem to be 2
>meters or 70 cm. If there really is some problem with 70 cm transmitter
>then 70cm might be the uplink band and therefore the Converter should
>downlink from 13cm to 2 meters??
>Waiting and preparing.
>Jerry, W6IHG

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