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Re: Commercial Helix Antennas?

>For those of us who lack the resources, time and mechanical ability to
>construct small helix antennas, are there any commercial sources to buy
>these antennas?  Looking on the web, I have found two manufactures.  One is
>Directive Systems, sold thru Downeast Microwave, who makes both a 1.2 and
>2.3 GHz 15 turn version for $175. each plus shipping, and the other is a
>dual bander for 1.2 and 2.3 GHz which is made by OAL for $190.00.  These
>prices seem high, but they might be quality products and the price is
>Is anyone in the group familiar with these antennas, and/or are there any
>other companies making them?
>Living in one of those "High raise apartments" in Korea, my only choice will
>be for balcony mounted antennas on modes L/S and higher.
>Also I have read a lot here on the net about "tripod" mounted antennas.
>Being unfamiliar with this procedure, would some one be kind enough to send
>me some type of drawing or picture as to what the mount to the camera tripod
>should look like.  I would like to mount a 1.2 and 2.4 helix on one tripod,
>but due to the weight I am not sure it will handle both.
>Bob McElligott
>kk4uz@amsat.org  or bmcellig@kornet.net
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Hi Bob --

I have the same problem, i.e. limited space. I have purchased both the S 
& L band helix antennas that you mentioned from Directive Systems 
including a future X band dish. All were of high quality and the follow 
through was excellent.

I am curious about OAL dual bander. I am not familiar with the firm and 
failed to find anything under OAL. Perhaps you could provide more details 
including a URL for their web site.

I have been using the Radio Shack tripods for supporting various VHF/UHF 
antennas with masts as high as 10 ft. Whether or not they would be 
capable of handling the extra weight for two helix units remains to be 
seen. I think so empirically. The complication with AO40 is the need of a 
robust rotator unit although manual pointing many be a short-term 

Good suggestions.


Peter de WK9K

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