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Re: Commercial Helix Antennas?

Hello Bob!

24 Nov 00 20:30, you wrote to All:

 BM> made by OAL for $190.00.  These prices seem high, but they might be
 BM> quality products and the price is justified.
 BM> Is anyone in the group familiar with these antennas, and/or are there
 BM> any other companies making them?

I haven't checked out commercial antennas.  I only buy antennas when I can't
build it to my requirements, but I'm confident I can get L/S antennas going
(actually, will probably scrounge for Mode S, and hack), and I'm far from a
tradesman (more like 10 thumbs :) ).

 BM> Living in one of those "High raise apartments" in Korea, my only
 BM> choice will be for balcony mounted antennas on modes L/S and higher.

That would work well!  Maybe we'll work on L/S one day. :)  My situation is
probably even more extreme.  I'm in a poor position for the final track of
AO-40.  Tripod mounted antennas on the footpath are my likely solution... :)

 BM> Also I have read a lot here on the net about "tripod" mounted
 BM> antennas. Being unfamiliar with this procedure, would some one be kind
 BM> enough to send me some type of drawing or picture as to what the mount
 BM> to the camera tripod should look like.  I would like to mount a 1.2
 BM> and 2.4 helix on one tripod, but due to the weight I am not sure it
 BM> will handle both.

That I can't do.  However, weight shouldn't be a problem, but weight
distribution might be.  I'll probably end up using an old microphone stand that
I have here, and use counterweights to balance the load on the stand, so it
remains stable.  Could also mount radios and/or batteries on the base to
improve stability by lowering the centre of gravity.

Hope to catch you on ao-40 one day! :)

Tony, VK3JED

.. ted fool.
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