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Re: Link budgets??

Hello Jerry!

24 Nov 00 12:07, you wrote to All:

 JP> Any thoughts on S Band Converter output frequency? Choices seem to be
 JP> 2 meters or 70 cm. If there really is some problem with 70 cm
 JP> transmitter then 70cm might be the uplink band and therefore the
 JP> Converter should downlink from 13cm to 2 meters??

My IF choices are likely to be dictated by available equipment.  I'd envisage
using 2m for my S band IF and may have to go to 10m for my L band, or transvert
via 2m and hope I can keep the two IFs far enough apart, before final
conversion to 1269 MHz.

Converting from 2400 to 28 MHz would be nice (the HF box is by far the best Rx
here), but might be tricky, so will probably settle for 144 IF.

Pity I can't open up the HF box for general coverage Tx, would have made
transverter operation a lot more flexible. :-(

Tony, VK3JED

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