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Re: PSK-1 & FT-847 packet jack?

>From: Robert Rice <rcrice@netropolis.net>
>Is anyone running their PSK-1 from the packet jack of their FT-847?
>I've gotten the question does it have to be the Data IN/OUT jack.
>My reading of the FT-847 manual suggests that the packet IN/OUT jack is
>good only for FM. See page 16 & 17.  The manual doesn't exactly say this
>in so many words, but I am pretty sure this is the case.
>If anyone has managed to make their PSK1 work from the FT-847's packet
>jack I'd like to know.


First of all I don't have a PSK1.  But that being said, I do have an FT-847
which I use for psk31.

The audio tones form my sound card are input to DATA IN/OUT jack for this.
Psk31 operates in the USB mode and the computer phase shifts the audio.
The packet jack utilizes the radio in the FM mode.

So I guess you need to know how the PSK1 interfaces.  My understanding it
was used with FM VHF or UHF radios.  If so then the packet jack is what you
want.  Have I just muddied the water? ;-)

On another subject, does PacComm still make the PSK1?  I see it works up to
9600 bps.  If starting out now to gear up for satellite digital modes what
is recommended?  Should one look for a faster modem?  For now I think I
will check out the PSKDEM sw for use with a soundcard to monitor telemetry.


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