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Commercial Helix Antennas?

For those of us who lack the resources, time and mechanical ability to
construct small helix antennas, are there any commercial sources to buy
these antennas?  Looking on the web, I have found two manufactures.  One is
Directive Systems, sold thru Downeast Microwave, who makes both a 1.2 and
2.3 GHz 15 turn version for $175. each plus shipping, and the other is a
dual bander for 1.2 and 2.3 GHz which is made by OAL for $190.00.  These
prices seem high, but they might be quality products and the price is

Is anyone in the group familiar with these antennas, and/or are there any
other companies making them?

Living in one of those "High raise apartments" in Korea, my only choice will
be for balcony mounted antennas on modes L/S and higher.

Also I have read a lot here on the net about "tripod" mounted antennas.
Being unfamiliar with this procedure, would some one be kind enough to send
me some type of drawing or picture as to what the mount to the camera tripod
should look like.  I would like to mount a 1.2 and 2.4 helix on one tripod,
but due to the weight I am not sure it will handle both.

Bob McElligott

kk4uz@amsat.org  or bmcellig@kornet.net

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