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Re: [aprssig] Re: APRSdata Satellite Server

 > This "timey-web-page" is only to alert an APRS operator who is always on
 > 144.39 that there is a bird in view... It is not intended to serve as a
 > tracker, since he wont remain on 144.39 for any more updates if he QSY's
 > to work the bird.

I don't understand this. If the user goes QSY, why do you send updates of a
bird every minute? Either the user has 2 recievers, in which case the
elevation is very usefull, or he has one but then you are only creating QRM
with those one minute updates. You can not reason that you don't have one
function because the user has only one rig with him and at the same time
maintain another feature that would require 2 devices. If a user has 2 rigs
he can use one to follow the satelite info (on a TH-D7, HamHud, PocketAprs,
Laptop) and use another FM rig to communicate. I don't see anything stange
with this. Before your TM-D700 burned out you also had 2 rigs in your car.
The build-in TM-D700 and the TH-D7 handheld, so that proves the feasibility
of this concept.

There is still space in the TH-D7 to show elevation also, it just requries a
little different formatting.

Kind regards,


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