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Re: AO-40 ALON/ALAT from Telemetry

Ricardo Denis wrote:
> At 08:24 23-11-00 -0500, you wrote:
> >Hello,
> >
> >Copied this off the telemetry this morning:
> >
> >ALON/ALAT=254/-8, moving to 270/0. D blocks are memory data.
> >
> >73 Eric eac@shore.net
> how do i input this info in Instantrak? i tried using the instructions in
> the docs but no luck.


1. From the main menu select 6 (Housekeeping), A. (Update Satellite),
   and 8 (Edit).
2. Enter the number indicated on the screen for the satellite you want.
3. The orbital elements appear.  Use the down arrow until the cursor is to
   the right of the 'Attitude' entry.
4. If you want to enter ALON of 259 and ALAT of -5 enter the characters
   in the quotes(excluding the quotes) '=-5,259'.  After entering the
   characters press the enter key.
5. Enter Q for quit and enter Y when ask if you want to save.

If you are in the map display pressing the P twice will show a neat diagram
of the orbital plane with various locations marked.  There is a blue arrow
that indicates the ALON and ALAT.

73 Eric  WB1HBU  eac@shore.net
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