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DSP radio for the satellites


I wonder if you are familiar with efforts to produce a DSP radio for eme
work by Lief Asbrink, SM5BSZ?  He has been a leader in the eme group
advancing weak signal technology.  I don't have the direct link, but his
homepage surely has a link:

There may be mutual benefit for the satellite DSP radio group and the eme
DSP radio group to compare notes!

73, Ed

>From: Darrell Bellerive <ve7cla@telus.net>
>A group of hams from around the world are discussing the idea of
>creating a software defined DSP radio for the satellites. The idea is to
>decode the data from the RF rather than the audio, hence the data modem,
>if you will, is part of the radio.
>So far we have had lots of good discussion and I think are on the way to
>a preliminary design specification. We are trying to model the
>development of the radio after the on-line collaborative efforts of the
>Linux developers. As you can appreciate the design and construction of
>such a radio is a complex project, one beyond the scope of most
>individuals. The hope is that collectively we will have the expertise.
>By using the Internet, each person can contribute with their area of
>expertise, and everyone benefits. In such a project, there are many
>tasks to be performed, some technical, some organizational, some
>requiring communication and writing skills, and many more, so that
>anyone can contribute in one way or another.
>The archives of the discussions are on the DSP-Radio mailing list at
>http://www.qth.net You may also subscribe from this web page. 
>A web page for the project is in development and should be available
>Please join us if you are interested.
>Darrell Bellerive

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