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WiSP Satellite File

I have received a number of inquiries about not being able to add AO-40
keps to WiSP.  A couple of things are in play here:

1.  WiSP has a maximum satellite file of 50 satellites.  If you already
have 50 in your file, delete one or more to make room for new ones.  The
message will tell you it has been added, but it will not be added if it is
the 51st satellite.

2.  I fell into this problem.  I copied the keps for AO-40 from an e-mail
message and pasted it into a new text file.  I then updated my WiSP
Database and got the message "No Satellites found."  I asked Chris about
this and found that the two line keps must be ended with a carriage return
character.  Mine didn't have one following the second line of the keps. 
When I pasted it in the middle of the keps it did update, but not when it
was pasted on as the last satellite as I had done.

Maybe this will reduce the numbers of people running into these two

73, Roy

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