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RE: AO-40 telemtry PSKDEM decoded in Brazil

Hi Keith

When you run the tlmdec to decode the output file from pskdem make like
tlmdec >filename.txt
Then you will create the output on the file filename.txt.
You can even edit this file with your favourite editor and make it even
I found nice the this PSKDEM but I am trying to make its output, the file
P3D.TLM, to feed
the P3T program that display the information on beautiful windows.
I have tried but have not succeed on the replay option of P3T. It says that
the input file
has non A-block data and suggest to filter. When I try to filter to get
only A blocks
I get an error on the filter operation. Besides that PSKDEM as per the
documentation is
limited to decode 3600 bytes of information and P3D.TLM is always 2k in
I have tried to overcome this by extracting different parts of the WAV file
with cooledit
and decoding separately. Then we could concatenate several P3D.TLM into a
P3D.RAW file to be read by P3T.
Does anyone succeed on achieving this ?

74 de Robson - PY1DGV

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