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AO-40 Microwave Modes

I thought this comment from an eme station in Romania today on the MoonNet
List an uncanny coincidence:

Excerpt From YO2IS:
***...electronic devices and PC's are now everywhere here and my downtown
location seems to severely limit my next EME activity.  Already had to give
up my 2m EME because at only a couple meters from my house are located a
powerful IBM software branch and two "internet-cafe" saloons (sic)...with
dozens of "out of the FCC rules" PC's and control devices.  Carriers are
every KHz at the lower end of 2m and more or less the same on 432MHz
despite my always "over 40 degrees" elevations!***

So count yourself fortunate if 2m is still usable [for weak signal ham
radio] in your area!

Thank you Simon for your comments!  If you think you are in the microwave
wilderness, try being in Alaska!  Until late I was at least 1800 miles from
the nearest other station on the bands above 1296.  In fact there is
"nearly" no non-FM use of 144 MHz-& up in all of Alaska [to my knowledge].

Oh, I am trying to generate some interest in 10 GHz, and recently
encouraged a ham on Kodiak Island [233 mile SW of me] to put up a beacon.
Another freind north of Anchorage has just acquired a Gunnplexer
transceiver and we will try talking.  So the Alaskan microwave "wilderness"
is beginning to be settled by a few brave souls! 

But realistically, satellite and eme are my only real hope of finding many
stations to work on the microwave bands.  I am really looking forward to
these modes on AO-40!!! 

Tony, I encourage you [and others] to consider the microwave modes.  You
can virtually purchase nearly all your microwave equipment for P3D, now or
in a few months.  Mode LS is a natural for the apartment dweller who cannot
have large antennas.  The mode-LS antennas can temporarly be set out on the
patio on a camera tripod!  Natural sky noise and manmade noise are so much
less.  I agree with Simon that in a few years microwave may become a
"standard satellite mode".

I'm sure we can look forward to some magazine articles on how-to do it!  

AO-40 IS UP!  Yeh!  The excitement is just beginning!


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