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Re: PSK1 configuration (re-send)

Oops - sorry, that last post was done with OCR copy without me proof
reading it.  Corrected copy below..........

Further to my last post, just in case you have not got your manual handy,
here is a copy of the relevant section.
As I said I had the same problem as you, - the PSK-1 could talk to me but I
could not talk back to it (control-c) until I shorted out the pins.

Computer Interfacing

RS-232 Port Signals

The PSK-1 is configured as Data Communications Equipment (DCE), the
technical term for an RS-232C modem.This section describes the pins used on
the PSK-1 serial port connectors.  Since the pins are defined with respect
to the Data Terminal Equipment (DTE) (computer) end of the circuit, and the
PSK- 1 is wired as Data Communications Equipment (DCE) (modem), the
standard pin names appear to be the reverse of the PSK-1 function.

Some computers require that Clear to Send (CTS) of the computer serial port
connector (pin 5 of a DB 25 or pin 8 of a DE-9) be connected to an
appropriate signal.  Others may require connections for Data Carrier Detect
(DCD) (pin 8/pin 1) and Data Terminal Ready (DTR) (pin 20/pin 4). Since
these signals are not supported by the PSK-1, you may jumper the computer's
input and output signals on DB-25 pins 4/5 (DE-9 pins 7/8), and on DB-25
pins 6/8/20 (DE-9 pins 6/1/4)



Amsat-UK 4949

 => GPersons  wrote:

>HI Group,
>Well, here I am in the long line of satellite ops that can't figure out how 
>to configure the PSK 1. <g> Mine is version 2.01. I hook it up to my 
>computer using the Apple cable that came with it. It has the correct 
>connector on the PSK 1 end and a db 25 female on the other. In order to 
>connect the PSK 1 to my computer, I have to use a db25 to db9 reducer with 
>a gender bender on the db9 side. I open Hyperterminal and turn on the modem 
>and get the welcome screen and the message to use control c to access the 
>configuration screens. When I press control c, I get nothing. I have played 
>with the port settings and still no response from the computer to the modem.
>Any suggestions?
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Via the amsat-bb mailing list at AMSAT.ORG courtesy of AMSAT-NA.
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