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Re: PSK1 configuration

Further to my last post, just in case you have not got your manual handy,
here is a copy of the relevant section.
As I said I had the same problem as you, - the PSK-1 could talk to me but I
could not talk back to it (control-c) until I shorted out the pins.

Computer Interfacing

RS-232 Port Signals

The PSK-1 is configured as Data Communications Equipment (DCE), the
technical term for an RS-232C niodem.Thfs S-ection describes the pins used
on the PSK-1 serial port connectors.  Since the pins are defined with
respect to the Data Terminal Equipment (DTE) (computer) end of the circuit,
and the PSK- 1 is wired as Data Communications Equipment (DCE) (modem), the
standard pin names appear to be the reverse of the PSK-1 function.

Some computers require that Clear to Send (CTS) of the com­puter serial
port connector (pin 5 of a DB~25 or pin 8 of a DE-9) be connected to an
appropriate signal.  Others may require con­nections for Data Carrier
Detect (DCD) (pin 8/pin 1) and Data Terminal Ready (DTR) (pin 20/pin 4).
Since these signals are not supported by the PSK-1, you may jumper the
computer's input and output signals on DB-25 pins 415 (DE-9 pins 71s), and
on ]2B-25 12ins 618/20 (DE-9 pins 6/1/4)



Amsat-UK 4949

 => GPersons  wrote:

>HI Group,
>Well, here I am in the long line of satellite ops that can't figure out how 
>to configure the PSK 1. <g> Mine is version 2.01. I hook it up to my 
>computer using the Apple cable that came with it. It has the correct 
>connector on the PSK 1 end and a db 25 female on the other. In order to 
>connect the PSK 1 to my computer, I have to use a db25 to db9 reducer with 
>a gender bender on the db9 side. I open Hyperterminal and turn on the modem 
>and get the welcome screen and the message to use control c to access the 
>configuration screens. When I press control c, I get nothing. I have played 
>with the port settings and still no response from the computer to the modem.
>Any suggestions?
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Via the amsat-bb mailing list at AMSAT.ORG courtesy of AMSAT-NA.
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