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Re: FM Satellite Etiquette question....

WA4ZJJ wrote:

> long as fixed stations keep their power to a resaonable level and share
> frequency, low power stations have a chance to use the satellites.  I can
> verify this is true, as I run 5 watts into an Arrow crossed yagis.
> Moderate power and good operating tactics go a long way.

I usually run 5 watts into a dual-band mobile antenna on my car while
working SO-35, so I certainly understand they can be worked with less power.

I guess it appears to me increasing power isn't a bad thing, as long as you
monitor your downlink so you know when your signals strong enough. The big
thing, though, is good operating procedure, where you leave time for
stations to call, and don't make so many contacts that others can't.

So there's nothing about higher power that keeps out weaker stations other
than if you double, the weaker station will lose. But if you leave enough
time to allow weaker stations to call, that shouldn't be a problem...  As
opposed to the SSB/CW birds, where the higher power would desense the
receivers on the satellite leaving it less able to hear weaker stations at
the same time.

Right? :-)


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