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Re: DSP Modems

>You had a excellent chance to show the world just how smart you are.
>But NO !, You chose to show us just how ignorant you really are by
>your arrogant, sarcastic reply to a plea for help.


I think you're being rather unfair to Laura here. She was quite
correct in pointing out that DSP modem design requires a fairly
substantial theoretical background comparable to that of an EE
undergraduate degree. She also correctly points out that relatively
few hams have such a background.

To this I add two points: thanks to today's hot wireless industry,
many hams who do have such a background are kept extremely busy by
their day jobs.  Also, just having an EE degree is not a guarantee
that you know what you're doing; see
http://people.qualcomm.com/karn/papers/vmsk to read about one modem
designer who's *really* lost in the swamps.

Laura didn't say that *no* ham could possibly have the necessary
background, or that this background could not be acquired by
independent study or experimentation without actually going to
college. Nor did I see her discourage any ham from doing just this. I
think she just wanted to impart a more realistic understanding, that's

I know I sure would like to see more hams learn how to do DSP, and I'm
willing to help with my severely limited spare time.  And I'm sure Laura
feels the same.


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