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Re: PSK-1 and P3DT Program not working

Check the following:

1.  Set the PSK-1's RS232 speed to 1200 baud.  With telemtry coming in at 400
baud, 1200 is more than fast enough.  There have been reports that PSK-1s set to
9600 have been unreliable.  I wonder whether this is related to the firmware
version.  Which firmware version do you have?

2.  Are you sure that the PSK-1 is set for 400 baud telemetry?  I made THAT
mistake myself.  No hardware mods are necessary, just set the PSK-1 to 400 baud
telemetry mode.

3.  Can you see the PSK-1's menu like below?

*     P a c C o m m  P S K   M o d e m        *
*    PSK Firmware version 2.10  CSUM: 2A05    *
*  (C) 1990 Digital Signal Sys, 1991 PacComm  *

<1> Mode:                 400bps Telemetry
<2> Modem:                In-Line (PSK modem)
<3> Joint/Split:          Joint (VHF RX, VHF TX)
<4> AFC:                  USB (Tone freq increases with decreasing RX freq)
<5> Mic-Click Sense:      Active-High
<6> Clicks-per-Step:      One
<7> Maximum Step Rate:    2  per second
<8> DCD Output Sense:     Active-High
<9> RS232 Speed:          1200 8N1
<A> Help:

    Enter Function # or CONTROL-C or ESCAPE to exit...

4. Do you have a signal that is at least an "S" unit or two?  Below about S2, I
get very erratic results?

5.  Make sure that you are looking at something other than a "D" blaock, it is
all gibberish since it is a memory dump.  You have to wait for other kinds of
blocks to see anything interesting.  Leave it on for a while and see what you
get.  After 10 or 15 minutes you should see something in P3T.

6.  I am putting together a FAQ for these issues.  If you get your problem sorted
out, drop me a line.  I'll add your solution to the list.  I've just started
this, so there is not much there yet.   http://ao40.homestead.com

Robert Rice

K7xq@aol.com wrote:

> Am wondering if anyone has a problem getting the PSK-1 to work with the P3DT
> Program. Here is my setup:

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