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RE: DSP Modems

Laura Halliday VE7LDH > you wrote:

>"DSP is not a "howto" kind of subject - it requires
theoretical background, which you then apply to tasks
like making a computer listen to noises and turn them in
to data. You could look at source code - there are several
open-source PSK31 programs which do very similar things,
albeit in slow motion - but without said background, the
code is meaningless. Without said background you're not
going to be able to modify it, either.

>This is a serious issue in ham radio generally - a PSK
modem requires, very approximately, the theoretical back-
ground of an EE undergrad. Few hams seem to have anything
even close.

>I still hope that the occasional newcomer will have some
technical background and be interested in applying it to
AMSAT. We don't just need new people: we need new techies."

I thought of you as a very intelligent woman.  Someone that would jump at a
chance to help us "non EE" out.

You had a excellent chance to show the world just how smart you are.  But NO
!,   You chose to show us just how ignorant you really are by your arrogant,
sarcastic reply to a plea for help.

Yes ! you_are_right, we do need new "techies" seems like some of the "old
ones" won't help. What a shame.

Can you spell "ELMER" ?

de Mike West

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