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Re: (no subject)

Ray Lamb, W8LKX (W8LKXXX@AOL.COM) wrote:
> I have and have been using instan track for many years .
> a.long came Y2K and i can't get my instantrack to load keps and all
> i get on epoc time is 00000000etc. does anyone know the correction
> for this. I am glad I got WAS on satellites berfore I lost out .
> Now here comes P3d another challange, I guess I will have to save
> my pennies and get another program unless---- you can help-----RAY


My last reply went direct to you, not through the mail reflector,
so other readers of the list didn't see it.  (Just mentioning that
so THEY aren't confused by the start of your reply above!)

Since you are experienced with InstantTrack, and liked it, then my
best advice would be to upgrade to the latest version 1.5, which
fixes the Y2K problem and more.  Per the AMSAT web site...
the upgrade fee is only $20 for users of version 1.0 like yourself,
and the proceeds go to the satellite building fund which is a nice

There are plenty of other alternatives, however.  I got started with
the STS-PLUS program from Dave Ransom, and I still like it a lot.
You can download it from Dave's site for free.  He requests a small
contribution, but does not require it.

Also available free of charge is PREDICT by John Magliacane, KD2BD.
I just recently obtained a copy and started playing with it a bit.
It doesn't work quite the way I prefer, but the full source code
is included, is very cleanly written, and I fully expect to be able
to customize it to work exactly the way I want to.  But, I must add
that it is fully functional and highly usable with no modifications
whatsoever.  Sometimes it's a curse to be a programmer, 'cause when
a program doesn't do exactly what you want, you say to yourself,
"I could fix that!"  Then you dawdle until it either happens or you
decide that the original program wasn't so bad after all!  ;-)

Other people have other preferences.  Some like programs that will
control their rotators and radio automatically.  Others prefer the
basics with a display that tells them where to point and tune.  Some
prefer spartan DOS programs, others crave the glitz of Windows
programs, while others prefer a "real" operating system like Linux.
(By the way, PREDICT is available for Linux also!)  But freedom of
choice is a thing to embrace, not a cause for concern.

I'd recommend you upgrade your "old friend" to the current version,
but if that's a problem, at least you now have a couple of good

Welcome back to the satellites.  Hope you find it an enjoyable
experience the second time around!

73 de KBØZEV

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