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AO-40 PSK Sound Card Decoding

 >Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2000 11:48:52 -0600
 >From: "Rudy" <hhardy@houston.rr.com>
 >Subject: [amsat-bb] Rig Blaster
 >Has anyone used the Rig Blaster to decode Ao-40 telemetry??
 >Rudy W5HRH

Hi Rudy,

Unfortunately the RigBlaster does not decode anything, it just
routes signals between a PC sound card and a transceiver.  It
is a handy device today while we feed all sorts of devices to
the sound card and insist on keeping a microphone connected on
standby as well.  FYI RigBlaster http://www.westmountainradio.com/

On a related note regarding sound card decoding of PSK400, here
is a recent exchange with one of the authors of DigiPan PSK31:

 >> Hello Skip and Nick,
 >> [snip] Might you release a DigiPan version with
 >> a "space mode" that radio amateurs could copy
 >> AO-40 messages?
 >We are looking at it already, Pat. I doubt if it will show up
 >in DigiPan itself, but most likely in Nick's MIXW32 2.0 program
 >which will be released sometime soon, and will use DigiPan as
 >a base.
 >Skip KH6TY

FYI MixW32 http://users.nais.com/~jaffejim/mixwpage.htm

Who knows if MixW32 will be the easy way to go as far as sound
card decoders and PSK400 go, but the race is on.  We shall see.


Pat N8PK
Washington, D.C. area

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