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RE: RF Radiation Safety

> me that it is safe to move about on the roof and to keep 
> clear of a 1 x 1 m
> area in front of the antennas.  I have not been able to make ERP
> calculations without the antenna gain figures, but 1 x 1 m 
> seems very small
> at these high frequencies.

Going by the draft EMR standards for Australia, I'd say this wouldn't
comply.  For an EIRP of around 100W, the separation required is over 2
metres, by our standards.  There is an averaging function as well applied,
but that's a ballpark figure.

> In view of the lack of ERP information, what may be a safe operating
> distance on the roof space for the maintenance personnel?

That space depends on the ERP, it is directly relevant, so you'll have to
make some guesstimates.  In any case, I's say 1m is too close, except for
intermittent exposure (less than 1 minute in every 3-5).

US hams may also be able to offer input based on their EMR regulations.
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