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Re: DSP Modems

"We don't just need new people: we need new techies."

The Hams need everyone!

Just because someone does not know all there is to know about everything does not mean
they cannot contribute overall. My fileds of expertise do not include programming.
However, when I went to college after the Vietnam War, I knew more than the kids that
were in class about just about everything including Calculus.

I am fairly well versed in Orbital Mechanics, but I cannot sit down and write a program.
I taught myself "C" years ago when I had to, but I hated doing the programming. However,
I can read a book and learn how to do most anything. I cannot memorize stuff, but I can
learn it.

Laura, you are being too hard on the "newbies"!

Yes, AMSAT and Ham Radio in general could use some tech types, but others can ask
questions and maybe spur on developement in an area.

How about volunteering to give talks at your local schools about HR and getting some
interest going.

My Jr. High science teacher was the one that saw the abilities in me for electronics. He
got me interested in HR and helped me study for my license. I got my Novice in 1963 or
64! It takes all people in HR to make up the community.

Are you a teacher? Then teach!

What ever level that you feel that you can handle, step up to the plate and take a swing!

Did one man design and build each satellite? I doubt it!

I bet someone had the original idea and then asked someone else and soon there was a
bunch of people in on it.

YES! We need o find people who understand certain disciplines!

If you are an organizer, then start the ball rolling.

My forte is very simple, I try to bring reason to arguement.
You arguement is good, but it is flawed because it assumes that everyone has to be a
certain type.

DSP and other areas can be handled eventually by plugins for other software.
Also, as CODEC's are made available from other areas; you will find the music trade will
actually take over and give you what you want. Who would have ever thought that the old
voice recog stuff being developed by Ma Bell and others would be so common place today.

Why, it even took someone like Al Gore to come along and invent the internet! LOL

Hams are not the only people involved in communications.

I bet Harris and Collins and Motorolla have software already.

Maybe Ma Bell Labs has something thet are working on.

Yes, Hams could use some "Techies".

So, go to the schools and find them!


laura halliday wrote:

> "Walls, Jim R" <WALLSJR@sce.com> wrote:
> >LH> You could create them yourself.
> >
> >That's fine for someone who knows how to write DSP code.
> >That's an area I have not a clue about - and I would suspect
> >that almost everyone out here is in the same boat..
> DSP is not a "howto" kind of subject - it requires
> theoretical background, which you then apply to tasks
> like making a computer listen to noises and turn them in
> to data. You could look at source code - there are several
> open-source PSK31 programs which do very similar things,
> albeit in slow motion - but without said background, the
> code is meaningless. Without said background you're not
> going to be able to modify it, either.
> This is a serious issue in ham radio generally - a PSK
> modem requires, very approximately, the theoretical back-
> ground of an EE undergrad. Few hams seem to have anything
> even close.
> I still hope that the occasional newcomer will have some
> technical background and be interested in applying it to
> AMSAT. We don't just need new people: we need new techies.
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