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RE: AO-40 status report by DJ4ZC

> Well, I made a conscious decision when re-establishing my P3 
> station to
> only include the microwave bands.
> Even though I live in the middle of nowhere I still do not 
> escape the noise
> levels on 2m - so as the saying goes , the only way is up.

Hmm, we must be blessed on this side of the globe.  2m is still quite
useable in the cities, only major problem is the pager intermods, and the
occasional noisy computer.  However, I'm planning on going up the bands.
Got a 2.4 GHz antenna or 3 teed up.  Still have to build up a connverter,
and a transverter for Mode L.

> I have been involved in microwaves for many years now and I 
> can honestly
> say I would be quite right in saying that a microwave station for
> p3d can now be built without any specialised microwave 
> knowlegde and from
> completely commercial amateur sources.

Plenty of kits anyway, and antennas can be either home brew or surplus.

> For anyone interested I had an article in the October issue 
> of 73 Magazine
> on how and what is required to establish a P3D uWave station.
> Take a read - in it I predicted that Mode B/J would die as we 
> progressed
> and that microwave modes will be become the norm in the 
> future. My decision

I think microwave will become the norm for high altitude sats like AO-40 in
the future, and V/U (B/J) will retain some popularity among the LEOs, where
path losses are less severe, and Doppler shift is a greater concern.

> how wrong I am - well the figures and evidence speak louder 
> than words I am
> afraid and its purely microphobia that stops the sane thinking process
> (thats a fear of microwave equipment BTW!).

On the contrary, you've given me a really good excuse to go up the bands!
:-)  I've always had an interest in microwaves, but my terrestrial prospects
are limited by my situation.  Not so for satellite microwaves, the way is up
(literally :) ).

> Don't be microphobic! Its not rocket science - honest! (pun intended!)

Hehehe, last time I looked, rocket science was involved in getting the bird
up there. ;-)
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