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RE: DSP Modems

"Walls, Jim R" <WALLSJR@sce.com> wrote:

>LH> You could create them yourself.
>That's fine for someone who knows how to write DSP code.
>That's an area I have not a clue about - and I would suspect
>that almost everyone out here is in the same boat..

DSP is not a "howto" kind of subject - it requires
theoretical background, which you then apply to tasks
like making a computer listen to noises and turn them in
to data. You could look at source code - there are several
open-source PSK31 programs which do very similar things,
albeit in slow motion - but without said background, the
code is meaningless. Without said background you're not
going to be able to modify it, either.

This is a serious issue in ham radio generally - a PSK
modem requires, very approximately, the theoretical back-
ground of an EE undergrad. Few hams seem to have anything
even close.

I still hope that the occasional newcomer will have some
technical background and be interested in applying it to
AMSAT. We don't just need new people: we need new techies.

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