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Re: APRSdata Satellite Server


has the support and detail of the APRS system via AO-40 been formalised??


Bob Bruninga <bruninga@usna.edu>@AMSAT.Org on 22/11/2000 15:23:26

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Subject:  [amsat-bb] APRSdata Satellite Server

The APRSdata program has been updated to include AO40.  One copy of
APRSdata running in each region will transmit to the front panel of all D7
HT's and D700 mobiles in the area on 144.39, the location of any
satellites in view.

Think of it as a tiny-web-page update to the radio's front panel, showing
the name of the satellite, the range and azimuth to the bird, the
up/downlink freuqencies and the present doppler.  For AO40, it shows the
elevation angle.  In addition, once every 10 minutes the DX-LIST in the
radio is updated with a schedule of all satellites in view in the next 80

I had to modify the program for AO40 which is in view for hours at a time
so that it was not updated every minute like the others.

APRSdata.exe and its associated files are in ADAT-EXE.ZIP available from


PKUNZIP it with the "-d" option or use WinZIP to install it into your
existing APRSdos directory.   It uses all the support files of a normal
APRSdos installation.  If you dont have it, download aprs848.zip first.
As usual, read the README\APRSDATA.TXT file.

de WB4APR, Bob

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