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Re: PSK 1 and the FT847

> How and where do you have the PSK 1 hooked up to your FT 847?

Connect the PSK-1 to the FT-847 via the VHF Radio J-1 connector on the
PSK-1 to the DATA IN/OUT connector on the FT-847.  Since this is receive
only, I ignored the resistor/capacitor combination shown on page 16 or
17 of the FT-847 manual.  Those are necessary to have the modem switch
the radio over to transmit.  Receives just fine without them.

The PSK-1 can also do fake mike clicks to nudge the radio up or down in
frequency in order to compensate for doppler.  I'm still trying to get
that figured out.

Hope this helps.

I am working on a PSK-1 and AO-40 FAQ.  I have only just barely started,
but look at
http://ao40.homestead.com  I intend to add to it considerably over the
long weekend.

Let me know if this helps.  If you get stuck, drop me a note and I'll
try to help.

Robert Rice

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