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I have a virus


I'm sorry to have to say a virus/worm has slipped into my main computer.
Not sure how it made it past my antivirus program. It appears to be a
version of the Hybris virsus, which sends email attachments to everyone
shown on incoming email. I have not sent any attachments to anyone on the
list. So don't open anything, that is how it spreads. Delete them!

I'm still working on destroying it as it was just discovered. For now, that
machine is off! You can find out more by doing a search on "Hybris" with
one of the search engines. A quick search shows one of the better known
emails is titled Snowhite and the Seven Dwarfs - The Real Story from
Hahaha. That showed up again this morning in my email. I had just deleted
it a few days ago, so it's making the rounds. It appears to use several
different names/titles. Not sure which one got me, but it wasn't that one.

This message is from my laptop which is clean. I truly apologize to anyone
who has received the virus or any unaproppriate email from my machine. I
will do my very best to make sure it never happens again.

Thanks to Kevin, WB5RUE for bring this to my attention.

Thomas Smith, KK4XZ

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