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RF Radiation Safety

I hope list members will excuse this topic on the reflector and I request
readers to respond directly to the sender.

I have an interest in an office building where a cellular mobile phone node
is installed on the roof of the building.  There are also airconditioning
and water reservoir systems on the roof and personnel must have access to
these systems for planned and unplanned maintenance.  The roof is also due
for a repaint job soon.

The node is a digital GSM system operating in the 900 and 1800 MHz bands
with transmitter output of 20W on 900 MHz.  The output on 1800 MHz and
antenna gain are unknown and I have requested these figures from the
operators.  The antenna system consists of four panels facing in four
directions and each panel is about 300 x 2000 mm.  The access door to the
roof space is right next to a panel and one cannot avoid being near this

The owners of the building are concerned about the maintenance personnel
working in the radiation field of the antennas.  The system operators assure
me that it is safe to move about on the roof and to keep clear of a 1 x 1 m
area in front of the antennas.  I have not been able to make ERP
calculations without the antenna gain figures, but 1 x 1 m seems very small
at these high frequencies.

In view of the lack of ERP information, what may be a safe operating
distance on the roof space for the maintenance personnel?

Any feedback will be appreciated.

Deon ZR1DQ

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