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PSK-1 and P3T (finally working here....whew)

I finally got my PSK-1 working.  I had it all wired up correctly to my
FT-847 for days now....

I had it set to 9600 on it serial port connection.  And for some reason this
would not work with P3T in my installation.  I've just changed the serial
out from the the PSK-1 to be 1200 and now P3T seems happy to show me telem
on all the windows !  At this point I could care less that it's using the
1200 speed versus the 9600 on it's serial data connection from J10 to the

I'm just SO excited to see the telem updates on the screen
finally.....thanks to the authors of P3T.....

I always looked at my PSK-1 up there on the shelf in the basement and
wondered if I'd ever have a use for it....and couldn't bring myself to get
rid of it....Glad I didn't.  Also glad I didn't listen to folks who told me
that the PSK-1 wouldn't work with 400b telemetry!


PS - If your having trouble getting PSK-1 to update the P3T program....set
the serial port speeds to 1200, and set the modem type to 512.

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