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RE: AO-40 status report by DJ4ZC

>From: Tony Langdon <tlangdon@atctraining.com.au>
>Excellent to see the status report, at least we now know what the score is.
>Hope something can be done with the 70cm Tx, and that there's no other
>problems with the bird.

I'm sure you are not alone in this wish.

{Note:  I wrote this reply before reading all the subsequent replies, so
sorry for being repetitive!  Hope you still find my comments interesting}  

Noting the discussion about QRM from AO-10 and RS-13 [especially mode
KT...the 15m uplink] and, in general, the growing noise floor problem on 2m
from computers birdies, TV's, and out-of-band Intermod, I believe mode UV
may soon become unusable.

For instance, I recently heard a prediction that moonbounce may become
unusable on 2m in a couple years due to noise & interference.  Already many
moonbouncers have abandoned 2m for the microwave bands!  So mode VU may
become quite important as the primary AO-40 mode.  Thus we need that 70cm Tx.

Of course, I hope that the microwave mode transponders also work and that
modes US and LS become popular.  But being realistic, probably the main
activity will still be on VHF & UHF.

I do wonder about the wisdom of running RS-13 in mode KT during the sunspot
cycle peak.  I know, some folks only have an HF rig and a 2m handie, but
when weekend 15m contests wipe out other satellite use, perhaps the utility
of mode KT is diminished!

When AO-40 is commissioned, I wonder if this may become more than just a
nuisance?  Food for thought!

Anyone for mode LX? ;-)  Laura?  Phil?

50-144-432-1296-2400-10368...& maybe 24 GHz

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