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RE: AO-40 status report by DJ4ZC

> If you look real hard, you'll find my link budget showing how with
> error control coding enabled, the RUDAK 70cm downlink can support a
> reliable 67 kb/s from apogee to a simple patch antenna lying flat on
> the ground.  That's a pretty major advance over anything that's been
> ever possible with amateur satellites and simple unsteered ground
> antennas. It should entice many more hams into satellites, which I
> assume is our shared goal.

Just one question, is anyone close to having working hardware for such a
link?  And if so, what applications are being supported?  Data only, or are
their hooks for digitised voice/video/etc?

Not picking, just would love to be a part of this sort of thing. :)  A 70cm
patch on the roof would be invisible, I can see benefit in that too.
Though, if the downlink is on the wrong frequency, 70 would be a mess for
me, due to cable QRM...

> You'll also see that my analysis showed that if you're constrained to
> unsteered ground antennas, no other band works as well as 70cm.  As an
> interesting aside, the US military has for some time relied heavily on
> UHF for mobile satellite communications.

I recall seeing something from you on this.  Do you have your analysis
online, would like to have a look. 
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