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Re: QUIKTRAK 5.0 and Windows 2000

In a message dated 11/21/00 6:33:58 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
gary_mayfield@hotmail.com writes:

<< I've been using and loving my old friend QuikTrak.  I have hit a snag when
 running it under Windows 2000.  The map comes up with the bottom line of
 data running across the middle of the screen.  When I return to the menu it
 has gone into full screen mode.  Has anyone dealt with/fixed this?
 Joe >>
Speaking of Quiktrak 5.0 issues;  I'm running Windows 95 and haven't seen a 
problem like that.  But, have you Joe or anyone else noticed NO movement of 
birds displayed in the "graphic multisat function?"  Everything else works 
Like you Joe, Quiktrak is an old favorite of mine as well.  Let me know if 
there is
a fix for this if anyone knows of one.  Thanks
73, Steve

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