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RE: FM Satellite Etiquette question....

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>on 11/21/00 5:42 PM, denmorr@bellsouth.net at denmorr@bellsouth.net wrote:
>>> You ARE trying to justify it.
>>> 1. "...we are totally blocked for 15 minutes each by a  club that
>>> an AMSAT Vice President."
>>> 2. "All we were trying for was ONE contact for the bonus points."
>>> 3. "The offending station made contact after contact contest style."
>>> Are either of these a reason for a violation of FCC rules?
>First of all running 200 Watts of power into stacked beams is NOT a
>violation of FCC rules.  FCC rules state that one must run the minimum

It is a violation if 1 watt into that same antenna will get you reliable
results.  I live in Floresville, TX, 45 miles from the .94 repeater in
northern San Antonio.  I have a 200 watt amplifier but I can make it in
full-quieting with my 10 element yagi and 15 watts.  Would it be a violation
to use my 200 watt amp and my 10 element yagi?  Yes because 15 watts will
do.  Would it be a violation to use my 200 watt amp and a 10 element yagi to
crowd out someone who is monopolizing the repeater?  Yes.  It would be a
violation of 97.101(d) (willfully causing interference) and a violation of
97.313(a) (using the minimum power).  But according to your standards it's
ok because "I want my turn!"

>If you cannot make a reliable contact using 100 Watts because someone else
>is capturing the bird, the there is no rule against running 200 Watts to
>to make a reliable contact.

They key phrase here is "because someone else is capturing the bird."  This
would make it a violation of 97.101(d) "No amateur operator shall willfully
or maliciously interfere with or cause interference to any radio
communication or signal."
If you hear someone using the bird whether or not you feel he is
monopolizing it attempting to "overpower him" is a violation of 97.101(d).

>The bottom line is that the offending station Dennis is complaining about
>was way out of line.  If other stations up their muscle to try to overcome
>that, there is no violation of FCC rules.

It is not for you, me or Dennis to determine how out of line the "offending"
station is.  YES it is a violation of 97.101(d) to "muscle" out any other

>Situations like this is why satellites are not normally used for
>The resources are too finite.  And besides, why make a jillion contacts on
>the satellites on FD?  You only get bonus points for the 1st QSO and ones
>beyond that don't buy you anything over any other QSOs.

And here we totally agree!


Kevin, WB5RUE

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