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Re[2]: AO-40: 400N burn before arcjet?

  combatsent wrote:

cqn> The Orbital Mechanics needed to put the satellite into a stable and higher
cqn> orbit are very precise.
>>From what I understand about the 400 Newton engine is that it requires very
cqn> little fuel to make the needed adjustments.

cqn> It is also more controllable than other types and it requires a smaller
cqn> space/mass ratio.

cqn> I am going to try to research some more info about the small engine!

      Isn't this motor of the same type, bi-propellant hydrazine and nitrous
      oxide 400 Newton motor system, that worked so well on AO-13 ?
      AO-13 had 2 post-launch burns.

Tuesday, November 21, 2000


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