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Re: PSK 1

> Dump question. I have a PSK 1. Do I need a TNC to decode the stuff coming 
> off of AO40?

Hi Gary,

There is no such thing as a dumb question except for the one that is 
not ask ?

The PSK-1 will decode telemetry from AO-40 without being attached 
to a TNC Disconnect header.  It will work in the standalone fashion
all by itself without being connected to a TNC.

In fact, I have 2 PSK-1's and 1 PSK-1T sitting in my shack at the
moment and the PSK-1 is decoding the 400 baud PSK telemetry
off of UO-40 all by itself.

There is an 8 pin mini DIN connector on the back of the PSK-1
unit that is used for connecting the unit to an RS232 serial port 
on a PC.  This port can be changed from RS232 to TTL signals
with some jumpers inside the unit if desired.  I simply have this 
port connected to my computer.  With the proper settings on 
the PSK-1, the demodulated 400 baud telemetry data flows right 
through the serial cable to my PC where I am using the P3t 
telemetry decoding software available on the AMSAT website 
with a direct link to the following site:


You will need to connect one of the other ports on the PSK-1 if 
you wish the PSK-1 to perform tuning through the UP/DOWN 
pins on your microphone connector for automatic tuning.

73's & Good Luck,

Tim - N8DEU
Huntsville, Alabama

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