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RE: FM Satellite Etiquette question....

Does this present a bad example to our fellow hams?  ESPECIALLY if it's
coming from a club station?  Wouldn't you consider it a violation of
97.313(a) calling for the minimum power necessary?  Surly your reasoning
isn't "well they're doing it...."  This would get you nowhere in defending
yourself against an FCC pink slip (or whatever color they are).  I don't
want to seem anal-retentive but this is just the sort of thing that we DON'T
want.  We certainly don't want to get into the "my linear/ERP is bigger than
yours" type contests of 11-meters.

It's going to be difficult enough for the new generation of hams to prove
themselves in the eyes of many old-timers, let's not make it more difficult
than it already is by setting bad examples.

Kevin, WB5RUE

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> Kevin and Bob:
> ...
> I know these clubs aren't modifying their habits - so my club
> is planning to
> run 200 watts and stacked yagis into the FM birds for Field Day.
> Moderate power and good operating tactics go a long way.
> Bob, I apologize for brushing off your inquiry and hope I
> answered your
> questions.
> 73,
> Dennis C. Morris

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