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RE: AO-40 status report by DJ4ZC

> Well, if there was a transmitter that I would prefer to fail 
> it would be the
> 70cm transmitter!  Mode U/V has long been considered the 
> "primary" mode of
> communication as many stations are set up for it (old mode 
> B).  It would
> have been much worse had the 2m or S band transmitters failed.

Yopu have a point, I prefer U/V to V/U, and I hope the microwave modes start
to take off with AO-40.

> I don't know, but I have a hunch that the control crew thinks that the
> problem is in the omni-directional antenna for 70cm.  Why do 
> I think that?
> Well, the L band uplink is on ALONG with the U band uplink.  
> Why would both
> be needed if the U band was working well?  Secondly, Karl did 
> mention that
> they are going to be trying to work with the transmitter 
> using the high gain
> antennas.  If the transmitter was truly dead, it would show up in the
> telemetry.  I believe there are telemetry numbers showing the 
> current drain
> of each band.  If U band TX is turned on and the current 
> drain is what it
> should be yet no signal is heard, one can indeed suspect that there is
> something wrong with the antenna.  Anyhow, I hope that's all this is.

Time will tell, but I'm sure even if the worst is true, we'll be able to
work around it.  As you say, no reason why the old Mode B can't be used. :)
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