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Re: Helix antenna and square aluminum tubing

In a message dated 00-11-21 08:50:53 EST, railfan@flash.net writes:
>   >>>a la G3RUH's article<<<
>  What article? Where can I find it?
Since I posted an earlier message about using aluminum towel
rods as a source for square aluminum tubing for S-band helixes, 
several people have all emailed me asking this exact same question.  

Here's the answer to "What article about by G3RUH about building helixes?"

   It's an article by James Miller, G3RUH, in which he describes how
to build a simple 2.4 Gigahertz S-Band helix.  It's available on the 
amsat web site along with about a dozen other excellent articles
by G3RUH.   All of the articles are available on the web by starting at:


or at


The article that we were referring to is a117.  Here is the
reference from the bibliography:

>A 16 turn S-band helix antenna      Oscar News (UK) 1993 Oct  No.103 p20-21
> Entitled: Small iS beSteSt
>  Also: Satellite Operator No. 33, June 1993. update  ?
>  Also: The Amsat Journal (USA) Vol 16 No.4, Jul/Aug 1993. Update Nov/Dec 93
>  Also: Amsat-VK Newsletter No. 99, 1993 June, update  No. 102, 1993 Oct
>It is available on-line from  ftp.amsat.org  as the file:
>                   /amsat/articles/g3ruh/a117.zip

You can jump right to the text of the article on the web by going 
directly to:


As I recall, there's also a slightly different article on helixes, and a page
or two of good commentary on James's above article that was written by
Ed Krome in his book _Mode_S:_The_Book_, which I think
you can still get from Amsat.  Some of the material in it might be dated
by now.  I'm not sure.  Call or email Martha (martha@amsat.org) for details.  

Enjoy, and see you on the birds!

Douglas KA2UPW
"Satellite/QRP/Mobile...all at the same time!"
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