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Re: AO-40 status report by DJ4ZC

>Well, if there was a transmitter that I would prefer to fail it would be the
>70cm transmitter!  Mode U/V has long been considered the "primary" mode of

Tell that to the Japanese, for whom severe terrestrial interference
makes the 2m band nearly useless as a satellite downlink.  Or to those
of us unfortunate enough to live near large power lines emitting
significant noise power on the 2m band.

Naturally I would prefer that *everything* on P3D work, but given a
choice between 2m and 70cm, 70cm is clearly far more important.

If you assume the use of simple, semi-omnidirectional ground antennas
(e.g., patches) and take into account path loss and background noise
levels, 70cm is clearly the optimum downlink frequency for an amateur
satellite. 2m is just too noisy and crowded. 13cm is far better, but
it requires a ground antenna with at least some directionality.

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