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RE: FM Satellite Etiquette question....

I totally agree with you !!!
73 de Pedro, EB4DKA.

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> Kevin and Bob:
> Sorry if the reply was abrupt.  Let's fully address the issue.  These
> satellites (UO-14, SO-35 and AO-27 are single channel flying repeaters and
> with the capture effect of FM, will carry only one signal at a time.  As
> long as fixed stations keep their power to a resaonable level and share
> frequency, low power stations have a chance to use the satellites.  I can
> verify this is true, as I run 5 watts into an Arrow crossed yagis.
> When we start "one upping" each other, chaos will result.  Field Day 2000
> was a prime example.  Two clubs - one in Alabama and one in Texas ran 100
> plus watts into large antennas and dominated the FM satellites -
> many satellite operators from amking even one contact.
> I know these clubs aren't modifying their habits - so my club is planning
> run 200 watts and stacked yagis into the FM birds for Field Day.
> Moderate power and good operating tactics go a long way.
> Bob, I apologize for brushing off your inquiry and hope I answered your
> questions.
> 73,
> Dennis C. Morris

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