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Re: DSP Modems

I suspect this is easy if you know what you are doing.

Is there any reference material available (or source code) which details how
to turn phase modulation into data?  I'm happy working with software (it's
all I do) and DSP - just don't have the technical know-how for PSK.

Also, is there any material on programming a Soundblaster Card?

If I can produce a PC program for 400 bps PSK, I'd be happy to make it
publicly available.

regards ... David

"laura halliday" <marsgal42@hotmail.com> wrote:

>>I also have noticed this.  Where can relatively new hams
>>(like myself) obtain decent dsp tnc equipment if the
>>commercial manufacturers are not making them?

>You could create them yourself.

>snip, snip

>400 is trivial - I'm currently hacking up a PSK31 program,
>on the basis that the phase scope and FFT waterfall that
>help tuning drifty HF signals should handle satellite Doppler
>with ease...

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