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Re: instanttract 1,50 rev

Hi Art, Roger on the problems of updating keps into the new IT 1.50, try this and let me know if it works, Rename the keps file to no more than 9 letters and call it either a txt or ele file, then update in the normal way, you should find that all things will load then. Reason seems to be that DOS cannot handle long file names which is what our keps from the BBS arrive in, reducing the size of the name helps load the system, I did it with mine new software at the weekend and it worked like a dream. Hope that helps my friend, Chris GW6KZZ In a message dated 21/11/00 09:09:29 Greenwich Standard Time, w7hgk@innw.net writes: >greetings: >Having difficutly update the satellites database from the element files >in AMSAT/NASA >The files are down loaded from Email keps via Amsat-bb. >I've been using insanttract 1.00b and loads great! anyway, the message I >receive is CAN"T OPEN FILE? I'm sure it's something simple >yes I've read the notes/changes1.00 to 1.50 >Thanks in advance just Email direct. >tnx art Chris J. Dixon MILT MInstTA MISM GW6KZZ Member of AMSAT-UK & RSGB Cdixon6901@aol.com South Wales, UK. My own web page: http://members.aol.com/cdixon6901/