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Re: DSP Modems

"Jerry Keener" <jkeener@redrose.net> wrote:

>I also have noticed this.  Where can relatively new hams
>(like myself) obtain decent dsp tnc equipment if the
>commercial manufacturers are not making them?

You could create them yourself.

The highest supported sample rate on low-cost DSP gear
(sound cards and DSP eval boards) is 48 kHz (this is
the sample rate DAT uses). This will record everything
there is to record in a 24 kHz bandwidth. With a little
tweaking you can shoehorn 38k4 into this bandwidth (see
the paper from Portland). 9600 is easy.

400 is trivial - I'm currently hacking up a PSK31 program,
on the basis that the phase scope and FFT waterfall that
help tuning drifty HF signals should handle satellite Doppler
with ease...

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